Nomad Bakery

Nomad bakery breakfast muffic and coffee, by Helen Perry

Of all the Coffee Shops Of My Life that I will write about here, Nomad Bakery is my most local. It is down the hill, through the high street and around the corner from where I live. It’s an independent bakery, coffee shop and community hub. The baking was the starting point, and the premises and coffee shop followed. Fresh sourdough bread is available to buy every day, alongside a range of cakes and pastries. Nomad cheerfully caters to all preferences and intolerances.

Nomad Bakery, Caverhsam

Steamy windows inside, fruit and veg outside. Much love for you Nomad Bakery.

Nomad Bakery, Caversham

Steamy Windows

This is a tiny little coffee shop really, it seats around 20 people. When I think of it I think of steamed up windows and ‘will we get a seat’.

Nomad is local. They sell loaves from the oven, stock Caversham honey and preserves and produce has recently spilt out on to the street. Today, they were selling onions, carrots, limes, lemons and local apple juice on a table outside. You must weigh up your fruit and veg and bring your own bag to take it home in.

Sourdough made at Nomad Bakery, Caversham

I think that it is INCREDIBLY hard to make a small business work on the high street in 2018. What you have to sell in order to pay the rent alone is daunting. Laura, who runs Nomad Bakery, has my fullest respect for arriving at 6.15am to get the oven on and serve customers from 8 am. They give the space over to supper clubs in the evening and toddlers during the day. They host sourdough workshops on a Sunday.

Hand knitted cockeral at Nomad Bakery

I sat at the window bench, my preferred seat in any coffee shop, and shared my space with a knitted bird. Is it a cockerel? Does it really matter?

I ate a breakfast muffin and enjoyed my snack alongside a knitted chicken. Not sure of its origin, it was just sitting on the table. A quirky little venue that has grown on me in the year or so since it opened. I raise my local apple juice to that.

Nomad Bakery, Caversham

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