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Pierreponts is a coffee shop that suits its surroundings as perfectly as any could be expected to. Situated a very short walk from the River Thames in Goring, Berkshire, it is all old-English charm in spite of its Gallic sounding name. It has the feel and decor of a cosy, shabby-chic tea room. But its menu and brand values are far more sophisticated than those of your average cafe.

Food glorious food

This is a cafe-restaurant that takes food seriously. Pierreponts serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and, on Fridays, supper (with wine, hurrah). The owners Steph and  Phil Kingsland are passionate about fresh and locally sourced produce. Portions are wholesome and substantial and the food is prepared on site by a team of chefs, headed up by Georges Delorme.

Pierreponts Cafe in Goring and Streatley, Berkshire, England

Pierreponts is small and busy, so they recommend booking in advance. I did not, and cunningly arrived at 11 am, prime coffee-break time, but luckily it was a dry and fairly warm morning so I took a seat outside. A selection of snuggly blankets is provided for outdoor diners to warm their knees.

Rocky Road and Fruit Crumble Bar at Pierreponts in Goring and Streatley

Traditional homemade scones at Pierreponts in Goring and Streatley

The not-so-humble scone

Coffee and flapjack fantastic

My short reviews will always be based on my daily tipple, a cappuccino, and a slice of whatever looks nice. I chose a flapjack, which was large and perfect, but I could easily have tucked into any of the cakes on offer. The counter was groaning under the weight of the bakes. I was bemoaning the lost art of the scone just the other day. It’s not lost at Pierreponts.  Theirs are huge, homely and come in a variety of flavours.

Rugs on a wicker chair outside Pierreponts at Goring and Streatley

There is plenty of outdoor seating with colourful blankets to warm the soul

Flapjack on vintage plate, Pierreponts cafe Goring and Streatley

I like your vintage crockery Pierreponts

The mission

Sustainability and caring for the environment is at the heart of Pierreponts ethos. Their meat, vegs, eggs and even wine all come from local producers. They encourage the use of reusable coffee cups by offering a discount for anyone who brings one in for their takeaway. Plastic straws have been ditched in favour of biodegradable ones and all of their tea is bag free!

This policy must undoubtedly eat into their profit margin. I hope that their customers appreciate that this commitment to sustainability and supporting local producers is what sets them apart from other cafes and restaurants on the high street.

Go and spend some money at Pierreponts if you are ever in the neighbourhood. You will not be disappointed.

The Pierreponts blog

Chocolate cake at Pierreponts Cafe in Goring and Streatley

Big cake, not small cake

Colourful saucers at Pierreponts Cafe in Goring and Streatley

My kind of colourful joint

My visit to Nomad Bakery in Caversham, Berkshire

Knitted chickens on sale at Pierreponts Cafe in Goring and Streately

Pierreponts love local policy extends to crafters and designers who have a small space in the shop to sell their goods. Cards, jewellery, Easter eggs and knitted chickens (what else?) were on the shelves when I visited.

Visit Pierreponts

Exterior of Pierreponts Cafe in Goring and Streatley

I would love your suggestions of independent cafes and coffee shops to visit. I tend to drink my cappuccino in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and London. Sometimes Cornwall, if I am really lucky.

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      It’s a little gem Miriam if you ever find yourself nearby I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Thanks for stopping by, Hxx


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