Hi, I’m Helen, and I used Instagram to unstick my career.

That little (enormous!) app allowed me to uncover a set of super-skills; I can create high quality content across all digital media, and have a knack for connecting (in a human way) with other humans through a phone screen.

Actually, maybe I should say Insta helped me to rediscover what I’m good at. In the olden days, I was a reporter for BBC News at Radio 1. As it turns out, Instagram and broadcast journalism, not so different.

Now I share those skills with other people who are promoting their thing online.

It always comes down to a few undeniable truths. Are you genuinely offering something truly valuable? Are you showing up consistently? And are you clear about what you want to do, both with yourself and others?

Also video. I do a lot of video 🎥. There’s no next-best-thing if you would like to get attention online.

It’s important to know that I like crisps, particularly posh ones. It would be wonderful to connect, I love to chat.

You will very often find me on Instagram at @notaboutthekids.

If you prefer email: helen@notabout-thekids.com

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Creating colourful images makes me very happy, and all of the photographs you see on this website are my own unless I state otherwise. Please ask before you use them.

Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids
Converse Allstars, by Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids
iPhone by Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids