Hello, my name is Helen Perry, thank you for visiting Not About The Kids.

I am a content creator and I live with my family Matt, Francesca, and Henry, in Berkshire.

This blog was launched in December 2017 as somewhere to document my journey back to work. Before that, I had been a full-time mum for 8 years, and before that, I was a journalist for BBC News.

Not About The Kids has become a place where I love to share what I learn about social media (especially Instagram), content creation, iPhone photography and work-life balance.

You will very, very often find me on Instagram @notaboutthekids.

If you would like to read my most popular post From Zero-1000 Followers On Instagram click here.

Work with me

I am available to speak as an expert on the best way to build a brand on Instagram, Instagram for business and Instagram Stories and recently launched a creative workshop business, Elevate, with my partner Antonia TaylorClick to learn about our upcoming events.

I welcome suggestions to collaborate with like-minded brands.


Creating colouful images makes me very happy, and all of the photographs you see on this website are my own unless I state otherwise. Please ask before you use them.

Contact me

Email: helen@notabout-thekids.com

Or with a request relating to Elevate workshops: hello@elevatecreative.co.uk

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Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids
Converse Allstars, by Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids
iPhone by Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids