Hello, my name is Helen Perry, thank you for visiting Not About The Kids. I am a social media content creator, which means I love coming up with words, images, and video that connect with people online.

In real life, I live with my husband Matt, and children Francesca and Henry, in Reading, Berkshire.

I launched this website in December 2017 as somewhere to document my journey back to work. Before that, I had been a full-time mum for 8 years, and before that, I was a journalist for BBC News.

Not About The Kids has become a place where I share what I know about growing an engaging and recognisable brand on social media.

You will find tips that will help you to create great content for your accounts, and advice about how to connect brilliantly with your audience. Expect to read lots about Instagram, iPhone photography, editing, video, writing, apps and more.

Life sometimes finds its way onto the page too. My mate Julie likes to call it plate-spinning. Do let me know if you find the perfect technique, I’m still looking.

My hobby used to be photography, but when I made Not About The Kids my job I created a vacancy. So now, you will find me at my most comfortable working my way through a bowl of kettle chips and a bottle of wine with friends.

If you would like to chat, you will very, very often find me on Instagram @notaboutthekids. 

If you would like to read my most popular post, From Zero-1000 Followers On Instagram click here.

Work with me

Sharing what I have learned about how to build a brand on social media, particularly Instagram, is now a favourite part of my work.  I offer bespoke workshops and consultancy to businesses, groups or individuals who are seeking the clarity and inspiration they need to make their message fly.

I also run a creative events business, Elevate, with my partner Antonia TaylorClick to learn about our upcoming events.

I welcome suggestions to collaborate with like-minded brands.


Creating colouful images makes me very happy, and all of the photographs you see on this website are my own unless I state otherwise. Please ask before you use them.

Contact details

Email: helen@notabout-thekids.com

Or with a request relating to Elevate workshops: hello@elevatecreative.co.uk

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My LinkedIn profile is here.

Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids
Converse Allstars, by Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids
iPhone by Helen Perry, content creator, Not About The Kids